"See you in Norway" is a web collection of 50 films of varying lengths made by us for 25 specialist travel companies in Nordland and Svalbard. The films are devoted to showing experiences that are so strong they give the traveller goosebumps. All of the companies are part of Innovative Experiences, a cluster of businesses that has as its mantra: "Working together to enthuse our guests with world-class experiences."

The film project "Youtube Gåsehud" (Youtube Goosebumps) has since its start in 2009 been led by film director and producer Per Tomas Govertsen in Govertsen Film. The films are specially produced for immediate publication on Youtube and through other social media.

The project was initiated by Innovative Experiences and developed in cooperation with Per Tomas Govertsen and the project manager at Mimir AS.  "Youtube Gåsehud" is financed by Innovation Norway.

Read more about the companies: http://www.innopp.no/index.php?c=3&kat=Klyngebedriftene